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Tomato Early Girl - Dave's Garden
Today, 8/8/11 the first Early Girl tomato is turning red, and there are many more to . Compared to other hybrids, this plant's disease resistance is quite lackluster.

Amazon.com: Early Girl Tomato 4 Plants - Early and Disease ...
TOMATO: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and the seeds are high in fiber. The green parts are mildly poisonous, which is not surprising, .

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Tomato Diseases: Blossom End Rot
The problem is costly to many tomato growers and disappointing to home . The tomato varieties Jet Star, Burpee VF, Better Boy, Early Girl, Flora-Dade, .

Early Girl Tomato - Stunted Fruit Growth - Tomato Pests & Diseases ...
Jul 21, 2011 . Return to the Tomato Pests & Diseases Forum | Post a Follow-Up . I have an Early Girl tomato plant that had been growing well and producing .

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New Girl (F1) - Johnny's Selected Seeds
Vegetables > Tomatoes. First early, great taste. Better tasting and more disease resistant than Early Girl. Holds better than First Lady II. Widely adapted. Packet: .

Tomato - Vegetable Directory - Watch Your Garden Grow ...
Early Girl (54 days; 5 ounces; earliest full size; indeterminate; resistant to V) . and freedom from early diseases, and they often produce better quality tomatoes .

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Growing Tomatoes
Some gardeners prefer to trade off the disease protection of hybrids for the rich tomatoey flavors of heirloom varieties. For early production, Early Girl is a popular .

Guide to Growing Early Girl Tomatoes
Early Girls are resistant to most common tomato diseases and pests, so they are well-suited to organic methods of growing — despite the variety's patent being .

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Tomato: Disease Resistance Table
Tomato: Disease Resistance Table . Resistance to Diseases and Physiological Disorders. Tomato Variety . Bush Early Girl, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, HS, TT, H/FM .

Lycopersicon esculentum ( Early Girl Tomato )
Could Lycopersicon esculentum ( Early Girl Tomato ) be the next plant for your . frequently deprives roots of oxygen leading to plant diseases such as root and .

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Homegrown Harvest Tomatoes
'Little sister' to Early Girl, this variety will surprise you with its huge yields on such . The 1 inch tomatoes weighing about 1 oz. each grow on strong disease .

10 Tips for Terrific Tomatoes.pub
warm up. Deep soakings are best. 10. Inspect plants regularly for signs of insect and disease damage. Early control is very important! Tomato 'Bush Early Girl' .

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Growing Tomatoes in Southern Nevada
The best way to avoid problems with tomatoes is to select the disease resistant varieties. Always . between are medium-sized tomatoes such as Early Girl.

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How to Grow Hybrid Early Girl Tomato Plants | eHow.com
Water the soil around the bottom of the Early Girl tomato plant, soaking the soil. Watering the leaves of the tomato plant causes plant disease problems. Tomato .