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Suicide methods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Suicide methods can be classified according to two modes of interrupting one's . a suicide attempt, or trying out the weapon to ascertain its effectiveness, may first . In the United States, firearms remain the most common method of suicide, .

Best (Most painless) way to Commit Suicide? - Physical and Mental ...
Jan 11, 2006 . Best (Most painless) way to Commit Suicide? . A web community lacks the professional attitude and effective strategies to handle such .

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Suicide Faq
One of the most effective and most used methods of suicide. Probable brain damage if you are "rescued". NOTE, this can only really be done in two ways: firstly, .

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Suicide searches produce disturbing, unsurprising results
Apr 11, 2008. with those how had attempted suicide: suicide, suicide methods, suicide sure methods, most effective methods of suicide, methods of suicide, .

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Statistically, what is the most effective method for suicide? - Quora
Mar 29, 2012 . I sometimes hear about botched suicide attempts, and also that women in general are "worse" at committing suicide than men, because of the .

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Drugs and Poisons: Suicide do's and dont's: Seven drugs, poisons ...
Sep 20, 2008 . I've kept it to single chemicals, so effective synergistic combos like ethanol and Valium . (Norpramin and Pertofrane) is apparently the most 'effective'. 6. . Doctors who kill themselves: a study of the methods used for suicide.

The Ten Minute Suicide Guide |
Nov 2, 2007 . That's the thing, suicide has a way of only hurting the people who liked . But most do think that the suicide cases are continually attacked and .

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AFSP: What to Do - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Most suicidal individuals give some warning of their intentions. The most effective way to prevent a friend or loved one from taking his or her life is to recognize .

HowTo:Commit Suicide - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
This is not a guide against suicide, but to suicide. Some of the methods listed here may be more effective than others and some may be totally ineffective.

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Methods used for suicide
. sure methods, most effective methods of suicide, methods of suicide, ways to . The most frequently used method of suicide, among elderly persons is the .

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Suicide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Various strategies restrict access to the most common methods of suicide, such as firearms or toxic substances like pesticides, and have proved to be effective in .