what do chumash ate

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Chumash Diet, Food and Medicine
The Chumash ate many kinds of wild plants and traded some among themselves. They also hunted both small and large animals for food. They did not plant .

What kind of food did the chumash tribe eat
The Chumash had a variety of food supplies and used over a hundred different kinds of fish. They also gathered clams, mussels, and abalone. They ate many .

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What do the chumash Indians eat
The Chumash were a hunting, fishing, and gathering tribe, getting most of their food from the sea, but also eating roots, plants, nuts and seeds. The most popular .

What did the chumash eat
What did Chumash eat? The Chumash's main food resource was the Pacific Ocean but they also gathered wild berries. Whay did the chumash Indians eat?

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What Did the Chumash Indians Eat? | eHow.com
What Did the Chumash Indians Eat?. The Chumash Indians inhabited the southern California coast for thousands of years prior to European settlement. First the .

How Did the Chumash Indians Help Start the Santa Barbara Mission ...
Before the arrival of the Spanish in California, the Chumash Indians lived along the coast . About the Chumash Indians · What Did the Chumash Indians Eat?

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Chumash tribe
We did a report on the Chumash Indians. Some of the foods the Chumash ate were acorns, pinenuts, cherries, seeds, berries, deer, small game, fish and .

Facts for Kids: Chumash Indians (Chumashes)
Chumash Tribe How do you pronounce the word "Chumash"? What does it mean ? It's pronounced "choo-mosh." This was originally the name of the Chumash .

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Early Chumash and Tongva Cultures - Mountains Restoration Trust
day. We don't know about the frequency of meals in Chumash times. but We do know what kinds of food they ate. They were good at hunting and Fishing, but an .

The Acorn Harvest happened after the Chumash found a whole bunch of acorns for the year. Every Chumash ate over 300 pounds of acorns a year! There was .

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Sharks and the Chumash The Santa Barbara Independent
Aug 14, 2008 . THE CHUMASH STASH: The Chumash not only ate plenty of shark, . “probably prepared the fish in many different ways,” like we do today.

Chia and the Chumash: A Reconsideration of Sage Seeds in ...
While the Chumash did eat the young shoots of woody perennial sages and used the leaves and shoots in medicine and offerings, Harrington's notes do not .

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Southern Coastal Natives - My Class Wiki
Feb 4, 2010 . Dug out canoe used by Chumash; Illustrated by Charles . Mussels, abalones, clams, and plants were some of the foods that the Chumash ate. . Several Native families can live in the large houses also; a few families can live .

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A review of Willows at the Chumash Casino at Santa Barbara.com
Our table was cleaned promptly and before I could tell Jared that I could not eat another bite, Jared brought a plate with Happy Birthday written on it. Little did I .