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Basil is used in cooking, so I do not want to recommend any pesticides. If insects attack the basil, spray with an organic pesticide (some cayenne pepper and two .

Basil Bugs? Gardening Question. - Gardening - Chowhound
Apr 24, 2009 . I'm attempting a garden on my deck, and my basil plants are getting eaten . are either not as tasty, or they can survive the bug attacks better.

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The Pests and Diseases of Basil
information on insects and diseases affecting basil production. . MAJOR INSECTS AFFECTING BASIL . Other strains of fusarium attack different plants.

Something is eating my Basil - Northern Gardening Forum - GardenWeb
Just update on my Basil. When checking at night, I have seen a few flat gray oval bugs crowling over coffee grinds. I have seen those bugs .

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Basil Plant Pests - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com
Aug 15, 2011 . Common Pests. One of the most common pests that attack basil plants are aphids . Basil plant leaves that have been attacked by an aphid often .

Natural Pest Control Methods - The Tasteful Garden
Learn to Control Pests and Insects with Our Natural Gardening Insect Information. . there are certain plants they love to eat like Basil and leafy garden vegetables. . The Mexican Bean Beetle and the Japanese Beetle attack most varieties of .

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What Is Eating the Leaves of My Basil Plants? | eHow.com
According to basilgardening.com, most of the insects that attack and eat basil leaves do so because of water stress, cold or cool weather and insufficient sunlight .

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Several other leafhopper species attack basil. These insects generally cause no significant in-field damage even with high populations levels. However .

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Basil--Farmer's Bookshelf
Basil. TOPICS: Culture; Description; Diseases; Fertilizer; Harvest; Insects . Diseases that attack basil include Pythium, verticillium wilt, stem canker, tomato .

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May 1, 2010 . Insects: Aphids, Japanese beetles, slugs feed on the leaves. . There are several bacterial and fungal diseases that attack basil especially .

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African Blue Basil Plants | Home Guides | SF Gate
Basil has few natural enemies and is generally disease-free. The pests that attack basil include aphids, flea beetles, Japanese beetles, snails and slugs. Aphids .

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Indeed, most of the insects that attack basil plants do so because the plant is under some stressful condition: poor drainage, water stress, poor .

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Herbs for Less: Growing Your Herbs
Aphids, Aphids are slow-moving, soft-bodied insects that cling to the tips of plants . Aphids attack basil, coriander, lemon verbena, madder and parsley.

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Tips for Planning a Vegetable Garden
For example, squash borers will attack not only squash vines but also . may seem heavenly to a gardener, but basil's strong aroma repels many insect pests.