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Penn Gazette | Gazetteer - University of Pennsylvania
Jun 24, 2011 . July | August 2011 contents · Gazette Home · Search. Gazetteer. Denzel to Class of 2011: “Fall forward” · Perelmans give $225 million to the .

Penn Gazette | Gazetteer - University of Pennsylvania
Jun 26, 2009 . July|Aug 09 contents . Nigerian street youth [“Gazetteer,” Jan|Feb 2008], and Chen ended up raising a substantial donation for those villagers.

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Penn Gazette | Gazetteer
Jun 24, 2011 . “Dorm Room Diplomat” Named Truman Scholar. July | August 2011 contents · Gazette Home · Search. Gazetteer. Denzel to Class of 2011: “Fall .

gazetteer - definition of gazetteer by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Noun, 1. gazetteer - a journalist who writes for a gazette. journalist - a writer for newspapers and magazines. 2. gazetteer - a geographical dictionary (as at the .

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James Rivington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Rivington (1724 – July 1802) was an English-born American journalist . The first number of a newspaper, The New York Gazetteer or the Connecticut, . according to Rivington's New-York Gazetteer, August 11, 1774, noted by Pierce.

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List of newspapers in New York in the 18th century - Wikipedia, the ...
The New-York gazetteer, or, Northern intelligencer. w., June 3 (?), 1782-May 1, 1784. . The Courier, and New-York and Long Island advertiser. w., Aug. . 21, 1793. The New-York journal, and the general advertiser. w., July 7-Oct. 13, 1777.

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Gazetteer | GazetteNET
Mar 7, 2012 . Gazette columnist Bruce Watson had us laughing the other day when he skewered American . On July 5 of that year, Conte, wearing a tie and light- colored fedora, climbed onto the back of a . Tuesday, August 9, 2011 . About
Gazetteers . Gazette Newspapers has grown to become the foremost source of . Gazette Newspapers was born in 1978 as a small weekly for the Belmont .

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gazette: Definition from
gazette n. A newspaper. An official journal. Chiefly British . . gazette. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Email. . Retrieved 3 July 2011.

Gazetteer of India 22-27. (Provincial . It will be recalled that “Accession List of Gazetteers, Constituent/ National Assembly Debates, . 824 -do- Jan., to March, August, Sep.,1903 Pt-V . 638 Gazette of Punjab, July to Dec., 1878 Supplement .

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The Battle of Lexington, According to the Pennsylvania Journal, May ...
"—Pennsylvania Journal, August 2, 1775. . 1 Virginia Gazette, July 1, 1775. . from some remarks on Gage's account of the battle at Lexington, which is published in the London Gazette of to-day. . 1 Rivington's Gazetteer, July 6, 1775.

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Newspapers of Yorkshire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2.1 The York Mercury; 2.2 The York Courant; 2.3 The York Gazetteer; 2.4 The York . of his newspaper, the York Courant, appeared in August or September 1725. . William and John Hargrove continued as pub lishers until July 1848; William .