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A systematic method of state-space synthesis for SCFs with low ...
Aug 6, 2002 . This paper appears in: Circuits and Systems, 1991. . The authors present a systematic state-space synthesis method for designing practical .

State-space Synthesis And Analysis Of Log-domain Filters - Circuits ...
Abstract—The general state-space synthesis of linear filters is reviewed including . of linear state- space dynamical systems having the following mathematical .

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State-Space Synthesis of Current-Mode First-Order Log-Domain Filters
Linear. Iout y. Figure 1. Log-domain filter set-up. The first step used to synthesize a mapped state-space filter is to obtain appropriate system equations. [4,5,20].

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Assessing State Spaces Using Petri-Net Synthesis and Attribute ...
Assessing State Spaces Using Petri-Net Synthesis. 153. Process mining techniques are applicable to a wide range of systems. These systems may be pure .

We have proposed an HMM-based speech synthesis system. In the system, pitch and state duration are modeled by multi-space probability distribution HMMs .

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Synthesis of Succinct Systems
Feb 24, 2012 . Abstract: Synthesis of correct by design systems from specification . This view is a bit nonstandard, in the sense that the state space can be .

A Stochastic State-Space Phase Vocoder for Synthesis of Roughness
for both analysis and synthesis is subjected to certain constraints based on the type . linear dynamical system can be expressed by the state-space equa- tions .

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Frequency-domain synthesis of hereditary control systems via ...
Frequency-domain synthesis of hereditary control systems via anisochronic state space. PAVEL ZI?TEK². A method of control feedback design for systems with .

A Behavioral Synthesis System for Asynchronous Circuits with ...
plementations synthesized by the proposed system, synchronous counterparts, . Before control synthesis, the proposed system calculates the state space of a .

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Network Analysis And Synthesis: A Modern Systems Theory ...
It explores state-space synthesis as well as analysis, employing modern systems theory to unite the classical concepts of network theory. 1973 edition.

Clairvoyant: A Synthesis System for Production-Based Specification
This paper describes a new high-level synthesis system . behavior is complex or the control state space is large or . This synthesis system is based on the .

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Component system identification and state-space model synthesis
Oct 9, 2007 . A scheme for synthesis of subsystem state-space models to be used for analysis of dynamic behaviour of built-up structures is presented.

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Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations ...
Control of uncertain systems : state-space characterizations . In the first part, the problem of control synthesis of uncertain linear systems is considered. A linear .