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The 30 mm is typically not an anti-personnel weapon, but rather an anti-materiel or armor-piercing round. Rounds of this size can be effective against armored .

30mm cannon GAU-8 Avenger - en
Nov 19, 2011 . All about the GAU-8 Avenger 30mm cannon. . more accurate and more lethal round; each shell is far heavier than the M50 round fired by the .

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Rheinmetall-Borsig MK 108 30mm cannon Luft '46 entry
In short, the MK 108 was a blow-back operated, rear-seared, belt fed 30 mm cannon using . tracer ("M-Shell" or "Mine-Shell") and a 30 mm incendiary shell. . for the reasons given above: ease of manufacture, compact size and weight and .

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Shell Vials for Waters™ Autosamplers
your samples in the same size 8 x 30mm shell vial. Then you can select the autosampler for analyses based on instrument availability without the need to .

10A-Shell perforate. 11A-Shell keeled; size over 30 mm. Tropidophora tricarinata var. bicarinata (h 35 w 76 mm). 11B-Shell not keeled; size less than 30 mm.

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Correcting the individual biases made in collecting mussel shells ...
It was found that mussel shells >30mm in length were over-represented and shells <3 lmm were under- represented in the shells that were recovered. Recovery .

HJC Cheek Pads for IS-Max Helmets ::
$14.99, 30mm, fits Medium and XXL shell size Same Day! . The only exception to this rule is with the 25 and 30 mm cheek pads, which fit both shell sizes.

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population mean size exceeds 30 mm shell length, which is beyond the prey selection size range of small N. tecta. It was concluded that at the time of a new .

Water Shell - Semi Precious Gemstone Geads|Wholesale Charoite ...
Products 1 - 20 of 163 . Shopping Cart0 item(s)Checkout Log In Register FAQ .

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An introduction to collecting 30 mm cannon ammunition
The round shown on the left has a Minengeschoss Ausf.A shell. 30x90RB . the subject of an Anglo-French agreement to standardise cartridge dimensions.

Shell pendants - Pearl shell pendants - Coloured pearl shell ... - Beads
Material: shell. Shape: donut. Size: 30mm. Design: top hole. Please use the BUY buttons to buy the pendants below. To order more than one, fill in a quantity in .

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ESA Online Journals - Prey Selection by the Tropical Snail Thais ...
In addition, for medium—sized snails (20—30 mm shell length), rates of spiral shell growth measured over the same time period revealed a statistically .

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Ammunition Produced From Depleted Uranium
The projectiles are made of an aluminum shell of 86 mm length and 30 mm radius. Inside the shell is a gray cylindrical armor-piercing round, which leaves the .