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Petrous part of the temporal bone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The apex, rough and uneven, is received into the angular interval between the . It is marked by depressions for the convolutions of the brain, and presents six points for examination: . below and behind this area is the foramen singulare, or opening for the nerve to the . Lateral surface Orbital lamina · Uncinate process .

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Posterior cranial fossa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The posterior cranial fossa is part of the intracranial cavity, located between the foramen magnum . Anteriorly it extends to the apex of the petrous temporal. . caused by the venous sinuses returning blood from the brain to the venous circulation: Right . to Orbit: optic canal (CN-II) · superior orbital fissure (CN-III,IV, V1,VI) .

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Skull Base Tumor Program - Tumor Types & Sites - MD Anderson ...
Tumors can start within the orbit (these are known as primary orbital tumors) or . Access to this region is often obtained through the nasal cavity and sinuses, thus . The petrous apex is located close to several cranial nerves, including nerves . X and XI pass from the brain through the jugular foramen into the neck (see .

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The Sinuses of the Dura Mater - Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body ...
Commencing at the foramen cecum, through which it receives a vein from the nasal . exposed by removing part of the right half of the skull, and the brain. . extending from the superior orbital fissure to the apex of the petrous portion of the .

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Cavernous sinus anatomy
Apr 8, 2011 . Head and Neck Regions; Head and-neck; Head and-neck; Anatomy nazeen . Skull inside and some separate bones; 7938186 envelopes-of-the-brain . orbital fissure Uncus Optic Chaisma Temporal lobe Apex of petrous .

The rostral part of the spinal cord expands, passes through the foramen . on the anterior surface of the petrous part of the temporal bone near its apex. . It lies in the anterior cranial fossa and projects superior to the orbits and nasal cavity.

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Case report: Thrombosed giant cavernous carotid artery ... - medIND
CT scan of brain [Figure - 1]A, and B and MRI of brain [Figure - 1]C and D and [ Figure . region, extending from the superior orbital fissure up to the petrous apex , .

The mechanism of injury of the abducens nerve in severe head ...
the site of petroclival region, petrosphenoidal ligament and petrous apex [10,14,9 ]. The portion in the cavernous sinus which extends into superior orbital fissure, .

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Skull Base, Petrous Apex, Tumors
Mar 27, 2012 . The petrous apex lies at the anterior superior portion of the temporal bone. . Access to this region is difficult and often requires special surgical skills. . Infectious lesions can cause meningitis, brain abscess, cranial nerve disorders, and other . The headaches are primarily retro-orbital or at the vertex.

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Print: Neurologic Institute of New Jersey: Brain Tumor Center in ...
UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School The Brain Tumor Program offers a . plastic surgeons, orbital surgeons, neuro-ophthalmologists, neurointerventionalists, . Jugular foramen schwannomas . Petrous apex tumors . Pineal region tumors .