freed slaves during reconstruction

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Freedmen, The Freed Slaves of the Civil War
Feb 16, 2002 . As troops advanced, slaves sought refuge in Union camps, and . Some freed the slaves, other sent them back to their master for lack of . "Forty acres and a mule" was the slogan for the Reconstruction land-grant plan, but in .

America's Reconstruction: People and Politics After the Civil War
The most difficult task confronting many Southerners during Reconstruction was devising a new system of labor to replace the shattered world of slavery. . to restore the old discipline, only to meet determined opposition from the freedpeople, .

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the American Civil War -- Reconstruction
Aug 26, 2002 . The slaves were freed, Reconstruction brought great hope for change in the South. There were some considerable gains made. Schools were .

What was it like for the slaves after they were freed
They were a terrorist group that had their height during the reconstruction era. . Papers were given to the freed slaves, but, certain people in the South and the .

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War and Reconstruction - Boise State University
Just what role should the newly freed slaves play in a new more egalitarian . From the very beginning, the South's reconstruction was beset with problems.

Georgia during Reconstruction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At the beginning of Reconstruction, Georgia had over 460000 Freedmen. . km²) in costal Georgia and South Carolina to 40000 freed slaves in forty-acre plots, .

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New Georgia Encyclopedia: Freedmen's Education during ...
Sep 3, 2002 . Freedmen's Education during Reconstruction. From the first days of their freedom , Georgia's freed slaves demanded formal education.

How successful were American Reconstruction policies in helping former slaves to become politically, socially, and economically part of a free society?

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Reconstruction — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
During Radical Reconstruction, which began in 1867, newly enfranchised . which freed more than 3 million slaves in the Confederate states by January 1, 1863 .

American Experience | Reconstruction: The Second Civil War ...
Ed Ayers: One of the miracles of the Reconstruction era and the period that follows .

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Reconstruction and the Formerly Enslaved, Freedom's Story ...
When, during the Civil War, slaves began to flee to Union lines in growing . during Reconstruction was that white southerners should not have a free hand, .

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The Failure of Reconstruction
However, during Reconstruction, a lack of political focus on the effort failed to solve the sectional wounds, and the elimination of the freed slaves' newly gained .

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Slavery in the Western Hemisphere: Free Blacks in the North
was known as the Reconstruction period. A major problem during this period was that most of the freed slaves did not have a home, most were desperately poor, .